Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust is the main provider for services across West Sussex, Brighton & Hove,and High Weald Lewes Havens.

We were asked to help promote the recruitment of NHS staff across their region based around the idea of  “A Career As Individual As You”.

After researching the look and feel for campaign, we created moodboards and design scamps to refine our approach – deciding on a design based around upbeat photos of real members of staff surrounded by their handwritten ideas on why working for the NHS is such a rewarding career. The team then developed this into various items of eye-catching printed collateral that could be used and distributed for promotion at recruitment events.

We also created a film following one member of staff – Grace – showing her day-to-day life and her thoughts about her job, the positive effect she has on other people, and her life in Sussex.

We also developed a suite of short videos to promote the campaign further on social media and the trust’s purpose built recruitment website.