The £350 million CDF was established to improve access to treatment for patients in 2010.  By 2016, this was under budgetary pressure, and was being criticised by parliament. NHS England’s response was a proposed a new national operating model.

We provided a comprehensive package of programme support to NHS England through:

  • Conducting stakeholder engagement and consultation with commissioners, providers, regulators, industry and public groups
  • Proposing changes to NHS England’s capacity, capability and processes to ensure they could manage and maintain the new operating model
  • Developing new commercial management procedures
  • Developing drug–level reporting tools to control spend and improve planning. These included reports on actual usage (against forecast) and predictive models across a range of clinical and financial variables

Our team’s support was as part of a blended team with a private sector consultancy partner.

As a result of this comprehensive stakeholder engagement and our support in transition planning, NHS England were able to take the new operating model and accompanying tools forward.

Several members of our original project team were additionally commissioned by the client to support implementation of the transition plan.