A CCG needed to relocate a new GP premises at short notice following a recent partnership split as the existing premises was owned by the departing partner. Based on this and additional complicating factors around the current contract holder, an interim solution was sought urgently to ensure the ongoing delivery of primary care services for the 6,000 patients on the contract list. The CCG’s preferred option was to procure a temporary portacabin that could be situated at a nearby existing NHS site. They requested that we prepare a business case to secure the capital and revenue funding to mobilise this interim solution and we were given six working days to achieve this.

Key tasks undertaken included:

  • Visiting both the existing and proposed sites to understand the geography, identifying any barriers for patients in travelling to the new site and assessing whether a portacabin was feasible
  • Assessing the viability of an alternative empty building already located at the new site
  • Liaising with NHS Property Services, who owned the proposed site and had started the process to dispose of the building and land. They agreed to put this process on hold
  • Liaising with NHS England to discuss potential Primary Care Infrastructure funding;
  • Investigating the costs, viability and timescales to operationalise the portacabin option and liaising with the local authority to consider any planning issues

The business case was delivered on time with an appraisal of the key criteria, risks and deliverables for the proposed portacabin option and two additional options.

One of these additional options was approved by the CCG and NHS England.