Newham, Tower Hamlets, and Waltham Forest CCGs decided to redesign their diabetes services as a co-production between the CCGs and four youth “commissioners” (young people with diabetes) to ensure that all redesigned services are aligned to true patient needs.

They decided to pilot this in Newham, as it has the youngest borough population in the UK, and it has very high levels of type 2 diabetes in those between 16 and 25.  Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults is a public health concern for east London as it increases the risk of developing serious health complications in the longer term, and loss of life, despite being preventable.

We were briefed to support the redesign of diabetes services within Newham to maximise beneficial outcomes. This included:

  • Planning the recruitment and training of youth commissioners within the borough
  • Facilitating focus groups and workshops with the advisory group to ensure co-production on the redesigned diabetes service
  • Reviewing and testing the approach with the wider patient community to ensure that changes took into account the needs, lifestyle and cultural diversity of young people across the local area
  • Providing a detailed project plan in order to mobilise and implement the co-produced pilot project within Newham

We have used this project plan to implement these services.

Following on from this, we have helped to write the Youth Commissioner Programme Toolkit, a ‘How to’ guide which will be presented nationally, and three localised presentations (tailored for children, young adults and adults) for community engagement and school visits to raise awareness.