The challenge

The coronavirus pandemic has forced GP surgeries to change their working practices. Some are holding limited in-person appointments, others have closed and are offering telephone consultations instead. Northampton CCG notified us that a GP surgery, in the area, was immediately closing due to a COVID-19 incident at the site. With no remote working infrastructure in place the GP surgery was unable to deliver patient consultations or work from home. So, Northampton CCG asked us if we could give the GP surgery remote access to their systems and enable staff to work from home.

Our approach

Before the coronavirus pandemic we were working with Northampton CCG to implement ‘Away From My Desk,’ a programme that delivers remote desktop services but this wouldn’t suit the immediacy the situation presented. ‘Practice in a Box’, a product owned by Birmingham and Solihull CCG was also being considered as a solution, so we called Birmingham and Solihull CCG to see if it allowed quicker installation for Northampton CCG. Confirming that it could, we worked to get it up and running in 12 hours and supported the GP practice staff in getting logged onto the system.​

The outcome

Our rapid deployment of a support tool enabled a closed GP practice to continue running its services remotely during an anticipated ‘peak demand’ period.