Resource and capability requirements are not always clear at the start of complex change management programmes.  To respond to this, we deliver a number of projects through a small, core project team, complemented by a flexible call-off contract arrangement, allowing agile and swift responses to changing requirements.

We used this type of arrangement for our work on the Better Care Fund to review Personal Medical Services contracts in London and with a developing GP federation.

Through these types of contracts, we were able to:

  • Respond rapidly to a wide range of support requirements
  • Provide access to highly-skilled, relevant specialist resources
  • Mobilise our people effectively to ensure they could hit the ground running

Key aspects of our approach include:

  • Putting in place a Client Relationship Partner (CRP) for each contract so that organisations know exactly who to call when they have an urgent need
  • Having access to a bank of over 50 freelance associates, in addition to our own 80 strong team, enabling a speedy and flexible response in terms of skill set, seniority and capacity
  • Giving customers full control over how best to use the resources we provide, by allowing them to move people around the portfolio of activities to ensure the most urgent needs are being addressed first.

We are open to using this and other innovative approaches with new and existing customers to help meet your needs in a highly responsive way that maximises value for money.

“NEL CSU’s Healthcare Consulting team have provided us with a flexible resource pool throughout 2015/16. They have a wide range of consultants available to support our programme, and we have utilised them in PMO, project management, qualitative and quantitative analysis, investigative interviews, technical IT, communications and workshop facilitation over the last eight months. The support has ranged from long-term support for the duration of the year, right down to just a few days or weeks of focused support for a specific and defined purpose. The team have been very responsive, often able to provide resources to support us within a few days of our request, and we receive regular reports which help us to keep track of how much we have used, how much has been allocated to future work and how much is left for us to use before the end of the year. We have worked with some highly skilled people and have been very happy with the standard of support provided.” – NHS England Better Care Fund team