We helped to deliver the Five Year Forward View by providing intensive support to several new care model vanguard sites across England, including Acute Care Collaborations, Multi-Speciality Community Providers and Urgent and Emergency Care sites.

We provided expert support in the following areas:

  • Held a range of workshops to engage stakeholders across organisations, including pioneering a ‘Rapid Design Week’ involving an intensive three-day workshop followed by two days of facilitated working to produce a draft logic model and value proposition
  • Supported logic model development to assist vanguards in capturing and describing their innovative care models in a clear and robust framework
  • Worked with sites to develop a range of scenarios and model their financial benefits
  • Provided additional support to sites to ensure their vision and plan was clearly articulated

£3.2m funding secured

So far, we have helped our clients secure £3.2 million of funding and submit their updated value propositions to NHS England.