In 2015/16, NHS England requested all CCGs to analyse Children and Young People’s (CYP) mental health (MH) and services in their area and develop a Local Transformation Plan (LTP). This was the first time that such data had been collected on a national level.

NHS England London region requested our support to analyse the degree to which each of those plans addressed the priorities set out in the Future in Mind report on CYP MH against seven key themes: Participation, Whole System, Promotion/Prevention, Vulnerable Groups, Outcomes, Eating Disorders, and Workforce.

Our team developed a bespoke framework for the analysis of the LTPs. This consisted of both qualitative and quantitative analyses. The project team undertook a review of the key data contained in the individual plans, and a detailed qualitative analysis across the seven themes, to understand how well each local CCG had met the guidelines set out by NHS England. We also developed tailored approaches for other regions, providing expert mentoring sessions and masterclasses to help CCGs understand how to improve and future-proof their plans

We developed a number of reports that aggregated the results of each CCG, evaluated how well each one was doing against key lines of enquiry and gave recommendations for delivery improvements.

The positive response to the process and analysis prompted NHS England and individual CCGs to select our team for further evaluation work in this area.