We supported a group of CCGs to establish themselves as delegated co-commissioners of primary care. The adoption of primary care commissioning comes with unique challenges through the potential conflict of commissioning services delivered by the CCGs’ own constituents. We were faced with tight timelines for agreeing shared objectives and establishing robust governance arrangements.

Our team provided support to:

  • Develop a consensus on the structure of primary care commissioning
  • Manage the due diligence process,
  • Create the required operational and governance policies and support the recruitment and mobilisation of each CCG Primary Care Committee within time and budget
  • Liaise and develop joint working with NHS England
  • Design the urgent decision making process
  • Open up training and development opportunities to primary care commissioning committee members
  • Smooth the transition from set up to business as usual, by designing the process to evaluate and make decisions on the Prime Ministers’ Access fund
  • Provide premises expertise to identify practices with complex or difficult schemes

The CCGs were successful with their applications to take on delegated responsibility for primary medical services. They were in the first wave of CCGs to take on this level of responsibility.