Two acute trusts in north east London needed better information about the services they could direct patients to once they had discharged them. One of the trusts was finding it particularly difficult to discharge patients to the appropriate services, as a large number of their patients did not live in their area and the discharge team’s knowledge of services in other areas was extremely limited. They often had to resort to searching the internet to find services, which was neither professional nor reliable and wasted valuable time and resources.

Our Directory of Services (DoS) team was able to give them access to use the NHS DoS. This database of all the health services commissioned in England is the most up to date directory available. Its intelligent clinical search tool allows users to easily find the appropriate service for patients wherever they are in the country. We also trained their staff to be confident in finding services by location or by clinical terminology.

Allowing access to the DoS has helped the trusts’ discharge teams to find more appropriate services for patients, taking pressure off acute services. Staff are now able to find reliable and trusted services with ease for patients who do not live locally, knowing they have the most accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. It has improved efficiency and sped up the discharge process, helping to free up beds.