Our team evaluated the Prime Minister’s Access Fund projects in Tower Hamlets and Lambeth in order to help both the CCGs and provider organisations understand how successful their programmes have been in improving access to primary care.

We provided an end-to-end formative evaluation of their programmes through a mixed methods approach:

Qualitative analysis

  • Engaging stakeholders to gather their input, including professional and patient focus groups
  • Creating feedback postcards for patients in practices
  • Interviewing local primary care clinicians
  • Evaluating feedback from patients and a borough-wide patient survey

Quantitative analysis

  • We conducted demand and capacity audits at three different times over the lifetime of the pilot access hubs in order to understand their impact on ongoing in-hours primary care
  • Our health economist assessed the value for money impact of the hubs
  • We mapped how patients accessed primary care services (focusing on those who most frequently used urgent care services) to assess the impact on the individual patient journeys through the urgent care pathway.

We developed evaluation reports and ran a number of sessions to share these results, supporting both commissioners and providers in planning their next steps.