The CCGs in North Central London had recently engaged in a pilot programme to deliver value-based commissioning (VBC) across diabetes, older people with frailty and mental health services.

To understand the value services are adding to patients’ lives, reduce duplication and clarify specifications for providers, clinical commissioners needed to consider which other services may be within the scope of VBC.

They asked our team to perform a review of their current service specifications and to propose solutions to help the CCGs to close the gaps in alignment with the VBC programme.

We reviewed 180 service specifications

To achieve this, we:

  • Collated and reviewed 180 service specifications
  • Mapped specifications to the life course pathway
  • Made recommendations to align them to VBC

As a result of this analysis, we made a number of proposals and recommendations to the CCGs, including:

  • Addressing the key gaps we identified in priority patient pathways
  • Agreeing the desired outcomes for all services that are aligned with the VBC programme
  • Establishing a central service specification repository
  • Building a process for reviewing and updating service specifications
  • Developing a best practice guide to writing service specifications