The challenge

New national guidance required South West London (SWL) to deliver its largest flu programme ever inline with new national guidance on eligible patients.

Our approach

Our role was to identify these expanded cohorts and provide the Flu Group with information to assist their capacity planning and prioritisation of groups. The project extends past this to monitor the delivery of flu vaccines. It uses GP data and submissions from care homes to monitor vaccinations at patient level tracking performance across the sector. We worked with SWL Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) Flu Group and GP practices.

The outcome

Over 600,000 patients were identified as requiring a flu vaccine on the tracker, which had information for more than 300 care homes.

Nick Beavon – SWL Strategic Pharmacist and Associate Director Medicines Optimisation (Chief Pharmacist):

Flu vaccination targets this year are challenging. To help us meet the stretch target of 75 per cent for all patient cohorts the vaccination dashboard offers a tool to follow progress closely. It allows the CCG to focus on those areas where performance is weaker. The dashboard is updated regularly to provide timely vaccination data.”