The challenge

To onboard datasets for HealthEIntent (HEI), a cloud-based programmable population health management platform.

Our approach

Work with London providers to define and acquire datasets for use in HEI. Data quality discussions on onboarded datasets to validate quality of submission and Cerner processing.

The outcome

We created a system architecture for HEI:

  • Role-based access control design for system users including data asset definition and patient attribution logic.
  • System process design for datastore segregation, handling, destruction and management. This is for both business and technical components/users.
  • Identity Management Strategy creation to enable easy user authentication and authorisation to the HEI platform using extensible, modern and widely used technologies in Azure.
  • North Central London Sustainability Transformation Partnership (NCL STP) wide programme across all healthcare and social care providers, local authority, council and CCG staff.
  • Co-partners: Cerner, NCL STP.