Following an infection prevention and control (IPC) audit of Berwick surgery in Essex by our team, a number of areas of non-compliance were identified, including poor environmental conditions and inappropriate facilities for hand hygiene. The practice score on 14 standards of infection prevention and control was rated low, with an average compliance of 87%.

Berwick surgery was determined to make things right to ensure the practice was fit for purpose, to protect patient and staff safety.

We worked with the lead GP and practice manager to develop an action plan. The practice agreed to make recommended changes to comply with all regulations, including CQC requirements.

When the surgery team were looking to refurbish their premises, they asked our IPC team for further advice to help ensure they would meet required health specifications.

Our IPC team provided specialist advice on the refurbishment project from the planning and design phase, over a period of almost nine months. This included several site visits to assure on compliance during the works.

IPC compliance rose from 87% (low) to 99% (high)

The follow-up full infection control audit was carried out at the end of the project to establish changes made and compliance levels.

The practice was fully compliant on all 14 standards of IPC.  Its score had leapt from 87% to 99%. Patients appreciated the new flooring, chairs, waiting rooms and consultation and treatment room design and layout, also commenting positively on the warmth of the welcome. The surgery investment and our involvement in this refurbishment project had therefore led to improved patient satisfaction and will contribute to reducing the risk of infection from the environment.