Waltham Forest CCG wanted a review of the current operational model of the Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (EUCC) at Whipps Cross Hospital to understand the potential for increasing demand.

Our team needed to address three questions:

  • Does the current performance trajectory indicate that Waltham Forest CCG is on track to achieve its QIPP saving from increased utilisation of the EUCC?
  • What are the best practice interventions for managing urgent and emergency care?
  • What interventions can be applied to achieve this efficiency saving if required, and are there opportunities for further savings?

The team compared the EUCC’s current practice against best practice models, with a focus on identifying opportunities to increase demand. We then advised the CCG on the broader options for their commissioning approach to urgent care.

As a result of this project, Waltham Forest CCG:

  • Understood its current savings trajectory and the likelihood of delivering against its planned QIPP
  • Now has a number of interventions to ensure the achievement of its planned efficiency savings, including strengthening relationships between A&E and EUCC through joint processes and protocols.
  • Uses contractual interventions such as removing the cap on activity levels and creating additional capacity for consulting rooms to allow more patients to be seen.
  • Has a broad understanding of the available best practice and recommendations which are most applicable locally.