When we were contacted by our customers, there was no effective financial management system in place across CCGs with irregular outcome reporting, leading to delays in financial decisions being made by senior management and consequent difficulties in securing early contract agreements.

Applying a structured, systematic approach and working closely with CCG chief finance officers, we implemented a new accounting system operating on an Integrated Single Financial Environment for our CCGs and other foundation customers. We jointly developed core financial processes, providing the foundations for planning, reporting, forecasting and decision-making. This robust process, proven by the national Deloitte audit, was completed and in place over a short period so our customers could quickly establish effective financial management.

Through implementation of this integrated accounting system, our customers were well placed to meet their first year-end statutory reporting obligations. The financial processes we introduced across the CCGs are now used as a common standard, together with associated financial accounting, reporting and analysis, VAT advisory services and systems accounting.