The national Better Care Fund (BCF) policy promised £3.8 billion to Health & Wellbeing Boards to ensure a transformation in integrated health and social care, with an emphasis on close working between the NHS and local government. After their initial collection, NHS England commissioned our team to review and assure all 151 plans in England, with extremely tight deadlines.

We led on reviewing all 151 BCF plans in England

To ensure consistency, we set up the National Consistent Assurance Review (NCAR) framework, and worked with seven different partners (CSUs, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG), coordinating 70 reviewers working in parallel to assure up to 26 plans a day.

Our team also:

  • Played a key role in the national project PMO function
  • Developed timetables for the nationwide reviews
  • Established a mediation process and platform to resolve queries from analysts
  • Gave advice and training to the national BCF Task Force and external consultancy firms
  • Consolidated and analysed all reviewers’ returns on the 151 plans
  • Extracted data from all 151 plans, and produced reports on the combined expenditure and savings

Our ‘excellent’ findings were used to brief the Cabinet

The team’s outputs were then used to brief senior Civil Servants, the Secretary of State and the Cabinet.

The National Director of BCF Task Force praised NEL CSU for its excellent delivery of the project, and said the quality of the outputs from our consultants exceeded expectations. As a result, we were retained to support Phase 2 of the project.