“As Creative and Marketing Lead I’m fortunate to work with a talented team dedicated to showing how design and marketing for the NHS can rival anything the private sector offers.

Good design is about coming up with the best solution to a problem – it’s more than making things “look nice” or “putting it on social media.” Visual communication needs to resonate with an audience; affecting behaviour change has to be engaging, clear and impactful; marketing is about finding the best way to reach people with the right message at the right time in the right place.

We help people do those things every day and the best outcomes come when we’re engaged in the process with our customers from the beginning. We ask the questions that really get to the core of the brief and produce the best results. The skill of the team – and the years of experience designing for the NHS – is in coming up with a solution that our customers might not have even considered, which is why they keep coming back to us for help.

As a team we’re invested in delivering positive results and work with real impact. Seeing the difference it makes in peoples’ lives drives us to keep producing to a high quality and getting better every time.”

Andy Butler, Creative and Marketing Lead