“My role as Senior Corporate Communications Manager at NEL involves internal and external corporate communications. Disseminating information about other areas of the organisation means that I need to learn about various topics and themes, to be able to communicate with colleagues and stakeholders effectively. When I receive data or information, it often requires me to ask myself “Do I understand what is being said?

Moving to the UK, from Pakistan six years ago, meant that I had to restart my career from scratch. After over five years of previous experience in communications, media and PR, I started off as a communications officer with a local authority in the UK. I worked with another healthcare provider before joining NEL in 2017.

Twenty per cent of the 1.3 million people that work in the NHS are from a minority ethnic background. It is not picture perfect. There is always room for improvement, but I still think there is more acceptance for people like me, from diverse backgrounds and experience in the NHS. As an NHS organisation, NEL is also committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.

I feel my abilities are recognised in the organisation, and this has encouraged me to apply for internal vacancies. So, in the last three years, I have progressed through three roles, from a Corporate Communications officer to my current position.

I believe that a diverse representation of people, backgrounds and knowledge can enable organisations to appreciate all sides of a problem and find novel approaches and solutions.”

Dureen Anwer, Senior Corporate Communications Manager