“After initially working as a Sports Therapist and then in primary care management for ten years, I decided to change my career. I joined NEL Healthcare Consulting as a senior consultant just under two years ago.

At first, I predominantly worked on and supported primary care projects such as Digital First Primary Care Programmes and the Infrastructure Blueprint for North East London’s Primary Care Networks. Due to the diversity of requests for support we receive, there are now even more opportunities to get involved in other areas. One such area is #sustainability and the green agenda.

For the past three months, I have been working with the Greener #NHS team to develop a zero-emission double-crewed-ambulance. The team has an ambitious mandate to get the NHS to carbon zero by 2040. I am really proud to contribute to this agenda because climate change and sustainability are extremely close to my heart. Like many, I have grown up watching David Attenborough narrated programmes and have started to see first-hand the damage we are inflicting on our planet.

Apart from the people, the variety of work we contribute to support our health and care system is why I also love working in the NEL Healthcare Consulting team.”

Rob Neave, Principal Healthcare Consultant