In December, we were awarded the contract for delivery of the National Population Health Management Dashboard. We submitted our bid as a Consortium, with key partner organisations including Cerner, Optimedis-COBIC and Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP).

This is a key strategic programme for us. We will be designing and implementing a national dashboard for population health management for the first Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in the country. This involves combining national and local data including health, social and wider determinants of care e.g. deprivation indicators, public health profiles, housing, drug use, education and policing, to understand whole population health needs.

The dashboard will help NHS England to address the key challenges set out in the Five Year Forward View and to monitor delivery of the triple aim of improved health outcomes, delivering a better patient experience and controlling costs. It will also enable a single source of the truth, nationally.

Mobilisation has commenced and we have now presented the prototype dashboard to Matthew Swindells, NHS England’s National Director for Operations and Information.

We are excited to be leading this 15-month contract, with an option to extend for a further two years, and to be at the forefront of delivering a solution for population health management.