We have a long history of successfully transforming and delivering a number of commissioned Continuing Healthcare (CHC) services across large geographical footprints.

The experience and knowledge that we have gained over the years enables us to provide a comprehensive, high quality, clinically safe, and value for money CHC service. This is exemplified in the service improvement plan we have delivered to a south London CCG. Our support has brought significant improvements, such as enhanced performance against the 28-day quality premium from August 2017 to 78 per cent, ahead of agreed NHS England improvement trajectory.

Our CHC model is predicated around an at-scale, end-to-end, integrated CHC pathway. Delivery is supported through expertise within integrated teams, technical tools, reporting policies, standard operating procedures and workforce development in place across both the clinical and business multi-disciplinary staff. Our model of delivery is in line with the NHS England vision of best practice.

For further information on how our knowledge and expertise can support your organisation please contact Mary Jamal, Deputy Director of Continuing Health Care (North London PUPoC and Governance) or Mark Emanuele, Deputy Director Business MDT.