At NEL we are able to offer you a customised support offer aligned to your local ambitions.  We can provide the expertise to develop population based planning, budgeting and monitoring. We are able to advise about the available contracting options, make recommendations about the best options and draft relevant System Alliance documentation to ensure clear and robust governance arrangements. In addition to providing expert resource, we also offer a range of training options to support local systems to develop in-house skills regarding commissioning and contracting. Our offer includes a subscription service to expert technical contracting advice, dispute advice and trouble-shooting, and staff training, either through attendance at NEL’s Contracting Academy and Contracting workshops or through the delivery of training at your own base.

The Operating Plan guidance and the Long Term Plan both make reference to commissioning arrangements that will need to be in place to underpin delivery of integrated care. The ambition is that by April 2021 every Integrated Care System (ICS) has streamlined commissioning arrangements that enable a single set of commissioning decisions at system level. This will be supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement, taking a more proactive role in supporting collaborative approaches between trusts.

The Long Term Plan also sets out a number of detailed changes anticipated to payment and contracting arrangements. An updated market forces factor will be phased in over the next five years. There will be a move to a blended payment model with a single set of financial incentives (starting with urgent and emergency care). The revised approach to Emergency Care will remove the marginal rate for emergency tariff and the emergency readmissions rule.

This year’s contracting round will reflect the first step in implementation of the Long Term Plan changes, by presenting contracts in the context of a system plan that reconciles CCG QIPP with provider CIP. This will illustrate what the whole system will deliver and how it will use its resources to achieve this.

Future years will require increasingly sophisticated approaches to population segmentation, outcomes-based contracting and risk and gain share arrangements. These may be with individual providers or a provider alliance as integrated care arrangements mature.

To find out more about how we can support you with your contracting and procurement needs, please contact Carmel Harrington Professional Director of Contracting.