“My move to NEL, and the NHS, as an Applications Developer was a no brainer. It’s rare to find IT jobs in non-IT sectors and this role has a work-life balance that has served me and my family well. My mum was a nurse for many years, and I feel like I have followed in her footsteps. My time at NEL has been good and is a step up from times past.

Race is a difficult topic because it encompasses all emotions. It’s hardly ever the defining factor but part of the bigger picture of inequalities that people experience. Personally, I think diversity and inclusion is what you make of it; the opportunities are there, but it’s the perseverance to make things happen that counts. That’s a lesson I plan to pass on. I think Black History Month is a good way to reflect on the progression of previous generations from a historical perspective.”

Adeniyi Oluwa, Business Solutions Consultant