“I first worked in the NHS as a Business Administration apprentice in 2017. However, I now work as a recruitment associate for the recruitment team. I hadn’t worked in recruitment before, so learning an entirely new field is exciting, and I am enjoying it.

NEL is a great place to work. I work with a brilliant and supportive team, and I have met so many fantastic people. I love being part of the NHS and enjoy working with our customers, Clinical Commissioning Groups and candidates.

I have a severe to profound hearing loss, which can sometimes be a challenge, but I have grown in confidence in my role with my team’s amazing support. It means so much to me to work with a team who are deaf aware and make every effort to ensure there are no barriers to me performing my role.

I hope to have a hearing dog soon, and NEL is very much looking forward to the new team member.”

Simon Dickinson, Recruitment Associate