We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding from the UCL CoProduction Centre, to co-create a participatory research project into the experiences of black and ethnic minority (BAME) women in maternity care.

The project will explore how we can ensure the issues and voices of this group are heard, and that action is taken to ensure solutions. It will also look at the impact such action can have on all involved.

This funding follows on from the North Central London Better Births public engagement project, in which a diverse group of maternity service users were trained in Participatory Appraisal. This peer-led approach to qualitative action research actively engages communities to identify, explore and find solutions to issues that affect them.

This research project has been co-designed and is led by NEL’s Emily Ahmed (Engagement Project Manager), Aygul Ozdemir (Peer-Researcher), Aynur Ozdemir (Bilingual Maternity Mentor, Bright Beginnings) and Yana Richens (Deputy Head of Maternity Services NHSE & Consultant Midwife UCLH).

To find out more please contact Emily Ahmed.