Katy Hatcher

Business Solutions Consultant

I joined the NHS in 2006 as an IT apprentice whilst completing my degree in Digital Media Design. I then worked in various teams before moving into my current role as a Business Solutions Consultant within the Workforce team. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have gained working in the NHS helping to make IT systems more efficient, moving from paper based processes to online systems, understanding how both clinical and non-clinical staff work and seeing the results of the improved ways of working, being more efficient and accountable which ultimately helps improve patient care.

At present I provide user experience design, helping to improve our services in an innovative way to support our customers. Our Workforce Employee Management Software has transformed HR, finance and training management, saving time and resource within our organisation and multiple CCGs across London and Kent. My team and I have been fortunate in receiving a number of staff awards over the years including our most recent ‘Groundbreaker Award’.

I am passionate about making our organisation a great place to work and being a member of the NEL Staff Engagement Team allows me to play a key role in how the organisation develops its culture and staff. I believe it’s the people who make our organisation thrive, by nurturing our people we in turn nurture our organisation, and feeling valued and driven in our jobs is key to its success.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and family; we are members of our local historical society and church groups, as well as enjoying the theatre and travelling.

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