Our offer

We offer integrated governance services to customers to ensure the operation of statutory functions within their organisations are compliant with legislation and national policy.

Our tailored service delivery both in terms of scope and impact includes:

  • Ensuring compliance – assuring CCG Governing Bodies that their organisation is meeting all required standards

  • Building resilience – embedding governance and planning in organisational activities

  • Enabling change – using best practice to facilitate commissioning initiatives and service redesign by, for example, unlocking data

  • Our services go beyond delivery of compliance, supporting developing and enhancing local cultures and fail-safes by understanding, anticipating and responding to customer needs’.

Emergency preparedness, resilience and response and business continuity management

Our team ensures customers have robust plans and infrastructure in place to discharge their responsibilities in the event of disruptions or incidents.

We provide end-to-end delivery from development through quality assurance to communication to your key stakeholders.

We also provide tactical support team on call support to customers’ directors on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our expert team audits, assesses, advises and trains on health and safety, fire and security.

“I have personally benefitted from the additional level of scrutiny and level of confidence that the documentation that you have provided has added to this process.

I also note that the CCGs that are using your services continue to have above average results in the CCG assurance ratings, to which NEL can be rightly proud.”

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response, NHS England – South

Information Governance

Our Information Governance (IG) team delivers a wide range of service including thought-leadership, strategy development and policy advice to NHS England and health and social care organisations (including CCGs, providers and those outside the NHS). We believe this to be the leading IG support offer across the public sector, and we strive to continually improve our knowledge, learning from national and local IG forums.

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