The IFR team offers specialised technical administration and end to end process management of clinical information from 39 CCG customers across London, Kent and Anglia.

Because of the benefits to patients and the savings released, we drive systems and processes to ensure that decisions are made on as many IFRs as possible before a treatment starts.

Our subject experts understand the complexities and compliance requirements of local criteria and policies for low priority or limited effectiveness procedures. If an IFR application demonstrates clinical exceptionality or rarity, a panel of clinicians and other members with a range of perspectives and relevant skills is convened to assess the request. We also provide a sophisticated triage process.

Only 47 out of the 6202 applications in North East London in 2016-17 had to go to a panel

“The IFR team provide highly effective support for Islington both at IFR panels and with queries about complex cases requiring triage decisions and advice. We are very grateful for the very skilled and professional support that the IFR team have provided and continue to provide for us, so that we can make decisions that are informed, safe and fair for our community.”

Dr Dominic Roberts, Clinical Director, Islington Clinical Commissioning Group

Our team provides training sessions with legal oversight for anyone involved in handling clinical applications, triage and appeals and voting panels.

The team’s ability to work at scale to support commissioners make robust, high quality decisions is also reflected in the volume of applications they process efficiently. This avoids having to go through a lengthier and costly panel process.

In Kent, we processed 1,218 applications and queries for ten CCGs. Adherence to the local referral and treatment criteria policy led to the approval of appropriate treatments. The avoidance of procedures of limited clinical value equated to a saving of £902,786 for 2016/17.

Our small team in Kent saved over £900k in 2016-17 by avoiding procedures of limited value

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