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We have shaped our solutions to meet the differing range of reporting needs and the relative informatics skills of different users, all of whom will need data and information to provide informed commissioning decisions.

Whatever you need, we can tailor NELIE to be more than an off the shelf solution. We do everything we can to put the power of NELIE at your fingertips.

Local acute activity monitoring

  • Identify your high risk patients using risk stratification
  • Identify your Accident and Emergency frequent attenders
  • Identify your non-elective emergency admissions
  • Identify GP practices with high outpatient referral rates

Bespoke local analysis

  • A managed data warehouse
  • NEL or CCG-based analysts creating specific local reporting
  • Data cube access allowing for non-specialists to create their own reports using standard software such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI

The system and our delivery model are flexible and will be tailored to your needs in order to achieve your goals.

When we develop new reports for customers, we also open them up to the full NELIE community.

Specialist analysis

We also have a central team of experts to support more complex analysis. They are equipped to integrate qualitative information with transactional data. We also draw on colleagues within NEL from a wide range of specialties to develop truly actionable strategic insight.

Our Specialist Business Intelligence team use local knowledge and advanced analytical techniques to help you:

  • Benchmark your population and performance
  • Identify individuals most at risk of hospital admission
  • Reduce A&E attendance
  • Find the insight and evidence to successfully transform services
  • Track contracts, including integrated performance reporting, highlighting variances.

Ongoing support

We offer training for users in GP teams and federations, providers and commissioning organisations.

Customers with an in-house analytics capability can take advantage of our “sandpit” – an SQL data warehouse where specialist analysts can build bespoke local reporting. Specialist NELIE analysts add value by enabling commissioners to drive their own analytics, with a greater breadth of local knowledge and experience.

Contract Management

  • Integrated local contracting and BI teams with a deep knowledge of local data and issues
  • Provision of contract trackers, as well as a validated data pack for the technical Information and Finance group (TIFG).
  • A wide range of reports to show performance against plan and give an insightful explanation of variances.
  • Claims analysis averaging over £75 million in successful annual challenges for commissioners.

If you'd like to know more or you're interested in buying one of our services, please get in touch.

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