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Our Health and Justice Information Service is a national programme to upgrade the clinical IT system, SystmOne, in place within the Secure Residential Estate. This programme will bring the system up to date and in line with other clinical systems in use in the community.

The NEL HJIS team has been commissioned by NHS England to prepare for and deploy the upgraded system to improve patient care across the English Health and Justice secure and detained settings, which include:

  • Adult Prisons,
  • Young Offender Institutes (YOI),
  • Immigration Removal Centres (IRC),
  • Secure Training Centres (STC),
  • And Secure Children’s Homes (SCH).

What we deliver

SystmOne is used by more than 7,000 healthcare staff across more than 120 institutions. The upgraded system will improve the care of patients within these institutions. Sites will have access to NHS national Spine and national services such as the NHS e-Referral Service (used for online referrals) and Electronic Prescription Service, which allows prescriptions to be sent to pharmacies electronically. Under the new system, patients within the Secure Residential Estate will be able to electronically select the secure estate healthcare provider as their registered GP. This will enable the electronic transfer of patient’s medical records between estate site healthcare and primary care in the community. The new system will also enable secure estate healthcare professionals to make greater use of patients’ Summary Care Records (SCR) and gain access to national screening programmes.

Our data quality improvement programme has seen the NHS number coverage rise from an average of less than 30% to over 80%

We have reduced the number of duplicate records by over 900,000 with almost 50% of sites operating at zero duplicates

Programme Ownership and Responsibilities

Commissioned by NHS England, we are responsible for delivery of the programme, as well as all the extensive preparation workstreams to get sites to a state of readiness and compliance for the implementation of the new system functionalities. These include Data Quality, tracing and allocation of NHS Numbers, use of Smartcards, and deployment of new standardised National Clinical templates.

The ownership of the HJIS programme lies with NHS England.

We provide an expert and dedicated team of project managers and system specialists to deliver this wide ranging and complex programme of work in a challenging environment.

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