Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (PDPS) is an online procurement tool set-up by NHS England and NHS Improvement to help streamline the process of procurement of APMS contracts in England. The system is an electronically managed list of pre-approved (accredited) providers which local commissioners can use to call-off and award APMS contracts – usually following a bid evaluation process.

The system simplifies the process for providers to be accredited, and when opportunities arise, invited to bid, with the overarching aim of expediting the procurement of APMS contracts. This page hosts relevant information about the PDPS for both Providers and Commissioners including the accredited providers’ list.

NHS England and NHS Improvement launched a Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (PDPS) in 2020 with an overarching aim of expediting the procurement of APMS contracts.

The system is split into Lots differentiating between:

Lot 1: Substantive APMS contracts – generally longer term contracts for the delivery of primary medical services.

Lot 2: GP Caretaking service contracts – generally urgent short-term APMS contracts for a step-in provider of primary medical services.

Each Lot is broken down into 7 Sub-Lots by geographical region. Applicants are asked to confirm their Lot and Sub-Lot interest as part of their PDPS Application. In the second stage, Call-Off procurements will be run within specific Sub-Lots and only those providers listed on the PDPS in the Sub-Lot in question can be invited to submit tender responses.

PDPS Rounds

The PDPS will remain open for 4 years until 19 January 2024 and providers can apply for accreditation at any time. For the purposes of organisation of applications and evaluations, the timeline is divided into ‘Rounds’. In each PDPS Round bidders can apply, be evaluated and accredited on the PDPS.

It is important to note that this PDPS, like a framework agreement, is not a procurement procedure in itself but simply a tool for procurement.

Further Competition / Call-offs / Bidding for contracts

Providers can bid for specific contracts when local commissioners use the system to procure contracts in their geographical areas. Usually when a requirement arises, a PIN (notice) will be published to inform the market of the opportunity and invite more Bidders to get accredited in the process. Following this, only those providers who are successful in their application in one of the PDPS Rounds and are placed on the PDPS accredited providers’ list can be invited to submit bids.

Further documentation including FAQs and contractual documentation underpinning the system is available on the online portal which can be accessed by following the links and instructions shown in the Contracts Finder advert.

Any specific queries may be addressed to

For Providers:

Please use the above email address to ask any questions about your registration on the PDPS.

For Commissioners:

If you have a contracted CSU support for professional procurement services, please contact your respective CSU contacts for more information.

Region CSU CSU Lead Title Email Phone number
North East and Yorkshire NECS Maxine Elstob  Procurement Officer 07920 537825
North West NECS  Maxine Elstob  Procurement Officer 07920 537825
London NEL Ahsan Haji Senior Procurement Manager 0797 6027371
Midlands AGEM CSU Victoria Hodges Head of Procurement (NHSE) 07795 452233
East of England AGEM CSU Martin Taylor Head of Procurement –NHSE Direct Commissioning 07887 631176
South East SCW CSU Michael Pingstone Associate Director of Procurement 07920 184263
South West SCW CSU Michael Pingstone Associate Director of Procurement 07920 184263