Our team were asked to engage and involve patients and the public in the reprocurement of a Kent and Medway non-urgent patient transport service.

We began this work by reviewing all existing patient transport experience data, including the existing service standards.

We worked closely with the eight Kent and Medway CCGs and four trusts and engaged with over 175 transport service users to map their measures of success – the outcomes they expected.

We also supported a small patient group who were involved in every step of the evaluation of bidders in the procurement process, including making the final decision.

We developed and implemented a patient survey to evaluate how well the provider is meeting the patients’ existing standards and their expectations.

As a result of feedback through this and our extensive engagement activities, the service specification was amended to include a charter as well as a revised series of key performance indicators that patients helped to develop.

This charter was adopted by the new provider, and users of the service, who are often frail or vulnerable, were therefore given a clearer understanding of what to expect from their service.