Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) provides a wide range of community and health and wellbeing services in north east Anglia. These services include stopping smoking, sexual health, obesity and general health improvement.

For many people, making the time to visit or attend clinics can be difficult. Work commitments, lack of child care, or even self-esteem issues related to health often stop people from accessing services. The group wanted to enhance their services to make it even easier for people to get the help they need, when they need it.

ACE enlisted our help to make their services more accessible. Our IT experts set ACE up with a Webex facility which enables people to receive the care and advice they need through a video link. Patients book an appointment online through the ACECIC website and are sent a guide to the tools they need to enable them to communicate through a video link on any type of device.

ACE now has a dedicated area in their clinic where staff can carry out appointments through a video link, ensuring everyone gets the help they need in a way that best suits their needs. There is no risk or cost to the patient as the service uses secure internet connectivity, and it is more efficient, saving the clinician and patients both time and money.