An information resource for healthcare professionals and members of the public alike, this website has been recognised on a national level as contributing to a more ‘joined up’ way of working to support children entering the UK via the the port of Dover.  

The work was commissioned by the East Kent Children’s Commissionng Support Team, and was accompanied by branding, animation and film work from our Creative Team.

The context

In June 2015 the number of children and young people entering Kent increased to four times more than the annual average of arrivals to over 930 children and young people. In the month of October alone, 250 children and young people made the journey from Calais to the Port of Dover or through the Channel Tunnel. 

This caused a severe strain on services supporting these vulnerable children and young people. Without shared information systems it was difficult to understand the health profile of the children and young people arriving in Kent. We were approached by the team to create a platform that could help ease some of this burden – offering an information resource through which key documents, policies and news could be shared. 

Our role

Having presented the client with wireframes and website visuals, the site was built on the WordPress platform and populated over the course of several months. Due to the volume of information presented on the website, a simple and engaging user interface was required to ensure assets could be located quickly and easily.

Product and functionality testing was conducted through both regular sessions with the client and wider testing/feedback from clinical membership. This intelligence was fed back into the project team and used to implement improvements.

The outcome

  • Increased efficiency for both healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Website recognised on a national level as an example of digital best practice.
  • Our holistic service offering has enabled the client to source high quality and engaging creative, digital and marketing content to support both the site and their wider communications into the future.