City and Hackney CCG identified a need to undertake a review of their community health service specifications and key performance indicators as part of the wider implementation of their commissioning strategy.  All of the service specifications had been aligned to specific programme boards who would provide governance oversight of this process.

We provided overall programme management of this review, and specifically supported the CCG in the following areas:

  • Providing existing service specifications to programme boards
  • Listening to the views of the boards about what they want
  • Working in collaboration with lead commissioners to understand any specific issues
  • Providing specialist knowledge alongside national best practice to inform what should be commissioned
  • Developing draft revised specifications for further consultation
  • Providing support to ensure KPIs can be collected and reported on via dashboards.

The review was undertaken across 25 service specifications, with a revised specification developed for each service that was agreed with the programme board.  The CCG used these revised specifications to inform their annual contracting round.