A revised Serious Incident (SI) framework and Never Events policy was issued on 30 March 2015 by NHS England. The policy made changes that would have an impact on our clinical safety team and its current way of working. A key change within the new policy was the requirement to quality assure SI reports from providers and provide initial feedback to trusts within 20 calendar days, instead of 20 working days.

The team was quality assuring reports, then CCG SI panels were reviewing all the information before any feedback was forwarded to trusts. The new framework required a significant change to the process for our CCGs.

We held a workshop with CCG colleagues and our safety and quality team members to outline the current process and the changes needed to meet the new requirements.

We developed an options appraisal and held discussions with all CCG partners to agree on a process to meet the requirements of the new SI framework.

Six CCGs across north east London agreed a single model for implementation of the framework. This new way of working, which includes a new SI panel process, has provided more timely feedback to trusts since September 2015.