Eastwood Endoscopy identified a need for their services to be electronically advertised to help increase patient referrals. We were approached to assist with the deployment of the e-referrals service’s electronic booking system.

They had used a paper based system to manage bookings, record the endoscopy procedure and for general patient management.

Our work led to an eight per cent rise in referrals

We identified early on that their existing SystmOne deployment could not only assist with e-referrals and bookings but also provide a service that would reduce their heavily paper-based management and patient flow system significantly.

To do this, we:

  • Ensured the hardware was upgraded to support the new system
  • Procured and deployed a new SystmOne Community unit from TPP
  • Configured it to meet the identified requirements of Eastwood Endoscopy, specifically including referral processes, appointment rotas, scanning, reporting and sharing of patient records
  • Overlayed the existing manual system onto the new electronic system
  • Ensured access to patient records is securely controlled using Registration Authority governance and NHS Smartcards to assure data protection and consent.
  • Developed comprehensive intuitive reporting
  • Provided training to staff members
  • Created clinical and letter templates
  • Set up staff with Smartcard access

“It has revolutionised how we can provide care for our patients, admissions, bookings, discharge and follow up histology. Also the continued support is very valuable, we cannot express how much it has changed how we work in a positive way. Everyone loves it and is very proud of it”. Debbie Streetly, Endoscopy Manager

This project delivered a first-of-its-kind configuration of the SystmOne unit for endoscopy e-referrals.

Improvements resulting from this work included:

  • Increased efficiency of the team
  • Reduced risk of error when appointments are cancelled or re-scheduled
  • Inclusion of the full patient flow of, bookings, arrivals, triage, procedures, recovery, discharge and follow up
  • Eight per cent increase in inward referrals
  • Less burden for the administration team
  • Access to a wider patient record, which includes medication and clinical history