Our customer, Northern, Eastern and Western (NEW) Devon CCG, wanted a series of deep dives into data, incorporating RightCare methodologies, to identify areas of cost saving whilst maintaining the quality of services.

The client needed greater insight from data and the assurance that pathways of care were evidence-based and efficient. They also needed to understand where there were opportunities for savings, together with an estimate of what these might be, for maternity, audiology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

A team of experts from across NEL worked together with the client to deliver the insight required. The data was interrogated to Health Resource Group (HRG) level. Triangulation and benchmarking techniques were used by our health economist to show the opportunities for cost savings. We then modelled estimates of these for the services identified. This was combined with literature reviews from our evidence manager, including case studies of what other CCGs had tried. This ensured that the initiatives were based on evidence of effectiveness, which was vital to clinician engagement for the CCG.

We delivered the findings of this work as a series of facilitated workshops. This allowed the CCG and clinicians to evaluate the messages of the project. This approach was very much appreciated by them as it ensured that they embedded the learning from this piece of work into local teams.

Our work received excellent customer feedback, and we are accredited to deliver the RightCare methodology.