Logic models provide a visual means of understanding complex chains of reasoning and have been used to represent vanguards’ new care models. Our team has helped vanguard sites to draft and develop their logic models, with each clearly articulating the theory of change. Each programme-level (‘overarching’) logic model has been expanded with the use of multiple underlying (‘work stream’ or ‘nested’) logic models to provide more detail of the programme and to provide the metrics for the ongoing evaluation of each vanguard.

We tailored our approach and offer of support for each site, which included:

  • Undertaking desktop reviews to provide logic model expertise and constructive challenge on the logic-flow between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts
  • Facilitating workshops and pioneering an intensive Rapid Design Week
  • Supporting sites through facilitated teleconferences for vanguards geographically spread across England
  • Developing metrics to inform evaluation for each vanguard.

As a result of our work, each site now has an overarching logic model to show and explain their new care model, alongside detailed nested logic models with draft metrics to measure and evaluate their programme outcomes.

Logic models we have developed have been shared as examples of good practice examples and we have received excellent feedback from the clients we have worked with.