We have recently launched Health Connect, our new NHS virtual appointment system that allows citizens to have virtual appointments – anytime, anyplace. The product developed in-house by our Creative, Digital and Marketing team, consists of the operating system as well as a web or app interface for the citizen to carry out their call conveniently without travel. It can be used by any organisation, in any sector, to help facilitate one to one online appointments, saving staff and citizens time and money.

Health Connect is already being piloted as part of the Medway Council digital stop smoking programme to help support 40,000 smokers to quit using digital technology.

Medway Council’s Head of Public Health, Scott Elliot said: “We’re very excited to be using Health Connect. It’s a massive help for residents who just can’t access one of our face to face sessions, either because of mobility issues or availability. Now they can access a specialist advisor from the comfort of their own home, using their smart phone or computer. People will get exactly the same high quality and effective service but in a digital way.”

To find out more about Health Connect, please contact Nigel Whapshott, Deputy Director of Communications.