Health and care services in the UK at the moment are characterised by their complexity and the unprecedented challenges they face: we recognise that the only way to address these factors is to work in partnership with leading thinkers, subject matter experts and inspiring innovators who can help NEL and our clients think differently about the wicked problems that surround us.

Our partner network allows us to draw on international and multi-sector experience, as seen in our ground breaking population health management partnership with OptiMedis-COBIC, Cerner, and Imperial College Health Partners.

It also opens up specialist skills such as data insights from Sollis and innovative digital self-care tools from as Aparito and Health Fabric, who we are working with to explore patient-centred approaches that empower people to take control of their own health, and inform local service development shaped by population level need and individual requirements.

We can also draw on our rich network of suppliers through the Elis 2 framework, which NEL manages on behalf of CSUs across England. When combined with our in-house capabilities, this enables NEL to support clients with wide-reaching knowledge and skills, innovative solutions, and robust, versatile delivery. Our 12 point assurance process gives clients confidence that our partners’ values are aligned with those of the NHS, that they have a track record of delivery, and that there is a quality and value-for-money assurance both before and during the collaboration.

We’re looking to build new partnerships during 2019. If your values align with ours and your work helps to empower patients, carers, clinicians and health systems to improve wellbeing, we would be excited to hear from you. Whether you’re a community innovator, a digital start up or an established international organisation, we’d like to hear about how you’re enhancing understanding of health needs and systems, working across system boundaries, helping teams to work differently, or harnessing new technologies.

If you’d like to work with us as a partner, please contact Oliver Lake, Executive Director of Partnerships, to make a connection.