Managing timesheets, annual leave, expenses, training and staff absence can be disjointed, time-consuming and costly.

Workforce is a simple employee management system that works in harmony with electronic staff records (ESR), HR policies and financial planning.


  • Easy-to-use for both employees and managers
  • Real-time dashboards and reports
  • Enable proactive employee and resource management
  • One system with modular features
  • Reduce burden on administrative support.

Easy-to-use for everyone

Real-time dashboard

One system, modular features

Accessible from any device

No more spreadsheets or paper-based systems required. With Workforce, health and social care teams can easily book, manage or audit.

Capture the time spent on tasks and projects by individuals and team, and provide matrix reporting on the usage of your resources.

Gives you complete control over your learning and development cycle. You can build courses tailored specifically to your teams and the needs of your organisation. Accessible from any device at any time, it gives your staff the freedom and flexibility to learn in their own time.

Allows you to manage hot desks to improve the usage of your workspace. Using floor plans and real-time reporting, it gives you a visual overview of your office capacity and allows staff to reserve desks for their team.

Provides a text message broadcast facility to all your employees in the event of an internal incident or a major disruption. Workforce uses real-time attendance registers to target employees by location and department.

Provides phone numbers, email addresses and office location of your employees. You can organise your most frequent contact, find alternative contacts and access line manager detailers. The directory is automatically updated with changes by your HR department.

Support an honest and constructive performance review process using your organisational goals, behaviours and objectives. It helps your employees to identify and develop their training needs and career aspirations, encourages continual performance reviews and celebrates team successes.

Easy-to-use for everyone

Workforce creates a seamless experience for both employees and managers.

Workforce removes boundaries to employees completing statutory and mandatory training and other tasks with just one system. At the same time it enables managers to monitor compliance rates.

Real-time dashboards and reports

Whether you are a one GP practice, a large acute trust or a care home, Workforce provides real-time dashboards and reports, enabling proactive management of your staff resources.

Workforce is an online system that is accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

One system with modular features

No more spreadsheets or paper-based systems required. With, Workforce, health and social care teams can easily book, manage or audit:

  • Absence

  • Overtime and TOIL

  • Annual leave

  • Expenses

  • Training

  • Appraisals

  • ePayslips

  • eLearning

  • Automated mobile text alerts

  • Desk booking

  • Staff directory

  • Business resilience


Workforce will meet all necessary security requirements.

  • Data protected

  • IG compliant

  • GDPR compliant

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